A production company is a cloud of optimism

Every script that arrives at a production company nowadays is pretty much the same. It has an alternative ending suggested by focus groups, a last minute treatment request and a schedule that depends strictly on an anticipated shipping deadline. A production budget defined by a cost controller. And, in average, 20 digital versions that must be shot the at same day of the main production.

That’s the reality. And it’s the same for everyone.

Because the market is more competitive and volatile everyday.

Clients must react faster everyday and pulverize their budget into more media. They need focus groups to avoid the patrol of the politically correct in social media. And the agencies must adapt to all of that to continue relevant.

It’s a one-way road.

And that’s why, more than ever, a production company must be a cloud of optimism. A tireless partner for agencies and clients who doesn’t give up on delivering good work. A bunker for the ideas that survive the whole process. A production company has to believe there is always a way of making it possible. Of shooting in a more intelligent and simple way.

Of telling the best story.

Because, in the end, what makes us relevant – brands, agencies, creatives and production companies – is what go to air. On TV, on laptops, on our phones or whatever else that comes. As long as we make the consumer smile, it will be ok.
A production company is a cloud of optimism.

Dulcidio Caldeira

Founder and Director

Dulcidio Caldeira was a copywriter at AlmapBBDO for six years. In 2005, he was the most awarded copywriter in Brazil. In 2007, he moved to BBDO/NY, where he created for clients such as Mountain Dew and Guinness. In 2008, he moved back to AlmapBBDO as Head Creative Director. In the following year, he was one the two most awarded Creative Directors in the world. In 2010, he left AlmapBBDO to direct commercials. Created and directed the spot “Balloons” for MTV – that got two Gold Lions and a Bronze Lion in Cannes Lions Festival. And was also the tenth most awarded spot in the world in 2012. Dulcidio has more than 20 lions as a copywriter and creative director and four as a director. He has been judge in craft at Cannes Lions, D&AD and Clio Awards. In 2016, he founded Boiler.

Mario Peixoto


Mario Peixoto has been active in the audiovisual production market since 2000. Today he works in the most diverse areas related to cultural production. Founded companies like: DELICATESSEN FILMES, BOILER, STINK BRASIL, PAGU PICTURES, SHUFFLE AUDIO, BANDO STUDIO and THE OTHER GUYS. Also became a partner of Los Angeles film production company PASSAGE PICTURES.